Hello Busy People

Aren’t you tired of being bombarded with information you don’t need or don’t have time to read?

We are.

So, at Allinav Group, we like to keep things simple.

A new company specialising in golf & spa marketing, Allinav Group is comprised of a number of already well-established companies each in their own right run by people who all love golf - and spas. This allows us to pass on to you substantial savings from not having to deal with a third party for many of our products and services.

And what we do is not rocket science: it’s finding the people who are interested in what product or service you offer and showing them the benefits of choosing you over someone or something else.

However, we also have a few other strings to our bow...so click on any of the tabs on this page for a brief (just a few lines!) description of how we can help you.

After all, why shouldn’t 2015 be YOUR year?

Contact us now to make it so!

We set up, manage, and monitor all your digital needs - from choosing a domain name to making monster sales online - utilising social media, PR Online, advertising, SEO (search engine optimisation), and e-marketing where appropriate to ensure your online success, with our own experienced staff.

We are all golfers at Allinav Group, so we know exactly what you want and need because we want and need that too: creative, experienced, trustworthy, professional, and qualified people – who know about golf. Our range of services is limitless: travel; course design, development and management; consulting; marketing; investing; sourcing property; event management; product promotion and sales; brand awareness; printed materials; and everything web for starters. Of course, that’s a mouthful and is why our slogan previously said “Marketing Everything Golf” which was much, much easier to say, and conveyed exactly the same message. However, as our spa product range has expanded rapidly over the course of the past year, we have had to alter our slogan now to "Marketing Everything Golf & Spa"

Content is king, as they say. We pride ourselves on being able to effectively get your message across to the people who you want to see it, whether online or in print, using extensively published writers and photographers with over 20 years’ experience, a network of industry contacts, and oodles of creativity.

If there is a product (promotional or retail) on the market related to golf, we market it, working seamlessly with both suppliers and manufacturers alike improving brand awareness and sales. And if it’s not there, we create it...so watch this space! Equally, our range of spa products is constantly expanding, and since we are the only company in Cyprus specialising in natural massage candles, we're sure to have something new for you!

Because we print in-house, you can take advantage of the savings we pass on from operating at cost or with trade prices. It also enables us to say yes to any printing request regardless of size or quantity. We love saying yes!

Think of us as your caddy when it comes to managing events - providing advice based on knowledge and experience, ready with the best options, and even sourcing sponsors! We enable you to enjoy the moment as host of your event as you would enjoy a game of golf (on a good day, that is!)

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